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Kodak Preps version 6Kodak Preps

KODAK Preps Imposition Software – now in version 6 - is the fully automated industry-leading solution for error-free impositions. What's new and improved in Preps Software 6.0?

  • Fold Pattern Catalog - Plan and build impositions more efficiently with CIP4 and MBO fold catalogs and save custom fold patterns from PREPS templates
  • Assembly View - Provide drag and drop control over complex product assemblies with multiple parts and mixed binding styles.
  • Enhanced AutoGang functionality - Now includes Windows AutoGang functionality, a new job layout report, page rotation and enhancements to cut efficiency
  • Advanced Run List View - Provide a live PDF preview of each page which includes much more information on pages such as folios, planned colors and notes.


  • New user-interface greatly improves the user experience
  • Support consistent standards through flexible, easy-to-use templates
  • Reduce job costs and turnaround times through automation
  • Maximize press sheets, minimize waste
  • Build an efficient comprehensive solution with Kodak Unified Workflow integration

Kodak customers are in the business of selling print and print services. Press operators, Prepress Managers and Planners know that time to market and job consistency is critical to their bottom line.

Preps Software is all about speed and accuracy, quickly adapting to the print shop devices to produce quality jobs through automation tools that create, edit, and preview impositions for faster job turnaround times.

Preps Software supports complex jobs for both digital and conventional print environments, used with third-party workflows and RIPs, or as an integrated part of a Kodak Unified Workflow Solution.

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Preps is available in 4 different configuratiosn, please see the specifications to determine whish version is best for you, or simple contact our team for assistance

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